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Born: 6 -20-03
Age: 2 Years
25 lbs
36 inches
Likes: Playing outside. Baths. Riding his bike. Swinging. Playing with big brother & sister.
Dislikes: being told no.

Newest Things:
saying no all the time. trying to help with Hailey. saying "I got it" or "I find it". Can put his own clothes on himself.


2003-07-29 ~ 7:59 a.m.


I don't think I even posted here yesterday! WOW I don't know I might have though... I can't remember...

Busy busy around here. Between having a sick baby, a sick toddler, a almost 5 ear old always having friends around to play with, housework, VBS, and everything else that has to be done around here I can't remember my own name sometimes!!! :)

Chase is so sweet! He napped so good during the day yesterdya but of course evening time came and he got a little cranky. When he gets cranky he doesn't scream or cry he just wants to be held by ONLY me and doesn't really seem to get comfortable or happy in any position. He does more grunting and groaning the crying!

He is starting to like some of his little rattles and such if I lay him on thefloor ahe will look at them and such. He is starting to smile I little more easily, (other then in his sleep! lol) He is making a few baby "cooing" sounds every now and again. But again not too often. Of course him not feeling well has him not doing as much too becuase he doesn't feel good! :(

This boy is sneezing so much but its helping get all that nasty stuff out of his nose so its good but poor thing with all the sneezes! :(

Anyway I need to get the kiddos breakfast

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