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About Chase
Born: 6 -20-03
Age: 2 Years
25 lbs
36 inches
Likes: Playing outside. Baths. Riding his bike. Swinging. Playing with big brother & sister.
Dislikes: being told no.

Newest Things:
saying no all the time. trying to help with Hailey. saying "I got it" or "I find it". Can put his own clothes on himself.


2004-02-11 ~ 10:02 a.m.

stuffy nose again

Chase has a stuffy nose again. sigh. Its always something around here. My other two were rarely every sick as babies but Chase on the other hand... lol

He went to bed at 9:30 last night but woke up severla times because he couldn't breath very well because of the stuffy nose. Poor little guy.

Something cute though. I woke up this morning and got up like always to make Noah's lunch and all that before getting up Noah for school and I here chase yelling "Mama" at me. So I walk back there and as soon as he can see me, he grins and says "Mama" and comes tro me!!

Isn't that the sweetest thing??

He is always saying mama only when he wants me so its neat! :) YAY his first word is mama, not dada like my other two! lol (can you tell how proud I am, i believe this is the 3rd entry about him saying mama, but this mornings mama calling was cute! lol)

He is nursing now. When he is done I hope he will nap a bit. He is so sleepy and is rubbing his eyes a lot. I know he didn't ssleep too well last night sohe needs some good rest today

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