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About Chase
Born: 6 -20-03
Age: 2 Years
25 lbs
36 inches
Likes: Playing outside. Baths. Riding his bike. Swinging. Playing with big brother & sister.
Dislikes: being told no.

Newest Things:
saying no all the time. trying to help with Hailey. saying "I got it" or "I find it". Can put his own clothes on himself.


2004-04-07 ~ 6:37 a.m.


Thanks Alice and Jen for you guestbook entires. If I wean it will be to a cup and it will breast milk! :) Noah was the only one of my kids who has had a bottle and he was off it at 11 months old and onto cups! :)

Still not sure what I am going to do with the weaning or continue nuring. We will see

Chase is great. He went to sleep at 7:30 lawst night and slept until weoll he is asleep still now! :) He wiggles a lot in his sleep though!! I love my boy though! :)

Yesterday he stood up on hs own in the middle of the floor.!! Now I am in trouble!! He is still trying to walk all over the place. Sometimes he will walk long distances and sometimes just a few steps. Depends on how well his balance is at the time! lol :)

Anyway gotta go

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